23 May 2023:

Flow Batteries Europe has unveiled a publication that showcases the benefits of flow batteries in different business cases. Flow battery technologies’ long duration and scalability make them an ideal energy storage solution to support intermittent renewable energy sources. The Flow Batteries Business Cases publication demonstrates why flow batteries are essential to the energy transition.

Flow batteries are well suited for individual homes or businesses as well as cities’ and countries’ infrastructure projects like tunnels, backup power for defence installations, or other large-scale infrastructure projects. Industries that rely on batch processes to manufacture their products can benefit from flow batteries for grid stability and high-power discharge capabilities. These industries include chemical, food and beverage, petroleum refining and metal manufacturing. In addition, telecommunications and other sensitive industries can ensure backup power availability by employing flow batteries. The long lifespan and recyclability of flow batteries make them attractive as a sustainable storage solution.

Have a look at our paper below for further information.