Flow Batteries Europe (FBE) together with other 10 European associations signed a joint letter outlining key recommendations to improve the “Fit for 55” legislative proposals.

The group of associations welcomes the Fit for 55 package as it builds on the solid market design rules set by the Electricity Directive and Regulation,which Member States should rapidly implement.

However, the legislative proposals still fall short to address certain issues. In particular, to ensure the EU Green Deal objectives are achieved in the most cost-effective way thanks to the active participation of all energy end-users, they encourage the legislators to:

  • Equally promote the flexible consumption and storage of efficient and renewable electricity and heat both produced on-site and from the grid in all end-use sectors, including buildings and industry.
  • Equally consider the dynamic savings achieved from a flexible, time-dependent use of energy along the on-site energy efficiency improvements.
  • Ensure smart charging for electric vehicles is deployed at least in all normal power charging points, including in buildings, where bidirectional chargers should be specifically required in case of on-site renewable generation.

The letter has been sent to the Slovenian Presidency and rapporteurs from the European Parliament.