11 April 2024:

As we approach the European elections and a new legislative term, our FBE Manifesto highlights 4 key EU policy goals and presents opportunities for a seamless transition to climate neutrality.  

The EU faces significant hurdles in achieving its decarbonisation targets outlined in the European Green Deal. Reliable energy storage, especially LDES, is vital for a stable energy supply in the light of rising renewables. Flow batteries, with sustainability, long lifespan, and flexible energy storage, emerge as a key solution. They address energy security, grid stability, affordability, and supply chain issues, aiding the EU’s shift to sustainability while aligning with decarbonisation targets. 

There are four pillars of strategic importance for the EU: 

  1. EU carbonisation targets 
  1. Energy security and grid stability 
  1. Energy affordability and consumer protection 
  1. Diversification and safety of energy storage. 

Our objective is to demonstrate how flow battery technology can bolster the achievement of the EU’s environmental objectives while safeguarding Europe’s competitiveness and security.  

We outline priorities for EU policy 2024-2029 and present 10 pivotal steps to accelerate the green transition by integrating flow battery technology. This includes enhancing conditions for flow battery and LDES deployment by, for instance, supporting local manufacturing and establishing a supply chain, establishing fair market rules, setting deployment targets, incentivising grid integration, and enhancing the bankability of LDES solutions. Moreover, it is imperative to provide additional support for flow battery research and development, alongside targeted skills development initiatives aimed at addressing the skills gap arising from the energy transition.

FBE stands prepared to support the sector’s efforts and facilitate collaboration between industry stakeholders and policymakers. 
Join us in shaping the future of sustainable energy!