09 October 2023:

In January 2023, FBE joined Batteries Europe, a European Technology & Innovation Platform dedicated to advancing Research and Innovation initiatives on batteries. This partnership aims to expedite the development of a highly competitive European battery industry. It also seeks to facilitate the execution of the Implementation Plan outlined in SET Plan Action 7, along with other critical actions that can support the acceleration of the energy system transformation, aligning with the EU’s goal to lead the global renewable energy deployment.

FBE is participating in the following working groups: WG1 New and Emerging Battery Technologies, WG3 Advanced Materials, and WG6 Application and Integration: Stationary. Additionally, we engage in the cross-cutting Task Force on Sustainability.

Why it is important to be a member of Batteries Europe?

This organisation serves as a meeting ground for experts hailing from diverse battery-type companies and research institutions, enabling them to collectively develop guidelines and priorities essential for the growth of the European battery industry.

The primary focus of Batteries Europe lies in identifying cutting-edge technologies, setting out key performance indicators (KPIs), and pinpointing strategic research domains, which will form the basis for the Horizon Europe funding programme. This platform supports the European Commission in identifying funding targets.

Working Groups meet online once a month and participation is free of charge.

A call to flow battery experts

FBE provides the Working Groups in Batteries Europe with key information on flow battery performance and the research needs that need to be fulfilled for the flow battery industry to flourish in Europe. However, industry and research community participation is key to getting these research needs right and pushing for more research funding in Europe to address them.

If you would like to join the Batteries Europe community and support the development of the flow batteries sector, feel free to contact the FBE Secretariat or apply directly on this website!