27 February 2024:

Last week, Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) released the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The SRIA is the result of strategic alignment among all battery stakeholders in Europe, organised within Batteries Europe & BEPA’s working groups.

Under BEPA, a system of expert working groups has been set up to channel inputs from the entire European value chain into strategic documents like the Horizon Work Programme. The SRIA document provides recommendations on which topics should be funded.

FBE has contributed to the work of Batteries Europe to help ensure the further development of the flow battery sector through more funding opportunities in the Horizon Europe programme.
Given the rise in stationary applications and the compelling nature of flow battery technology, many strategic topics are provided for the inclusion of this technology in both materials-level and system-level development in the future EU battery innovation agenda. It’s highly encouraging to observe the increased inclusion of flow batteries across numerous topics compared to previous years.

There can be distinguished two main categories of flow battery topics in SRIA, focusing on actions for performance and cost improvement, and actions for circularity and sustainability improvement.

Webinar invitation:

BATT4EU Partnership is organising a webinar to present the new SRIA for batteries – 20 March 2024, at 10:00-11:30.

The insightful online event includes interventions from both the European Commission and BEPA, as well as interventions from key stakeholders of the European Battery value chain! Please register on this page.