Flow Batteries Europe presented an overview of mid-to-long duration energy storage solutions at European Sustainable Energy Week 2022 (26 – 29 September 2022).

A panel of researchers and industry representatives discussed why not enough of mid-to-long duration energy storage technologies are currently deployed through. They widely agreed that a series of technical, financial, and regulatory requirements must be pushed for at the European level in order to broadly facilitate the deployment of energy storage solutions.

In particular, a precise definition of long-duration energy storage (LDES) is needed to clear delimit what long-duration storage is. This definition needs must adjust to different storage applications such that LDES is segmented into three groups:

  • Mid-duration storage (6 – 24 hours)
  • Long-duration storage (24 hours – 1 week)
  • Seasonal storage ( > 1 week)

A clear definition of LDES can improve marketability by usage levels and optimise functions for battery control. Differentiating the definition of energy storage solutions can allow businesses to employ a range of technologies, resulting in a better business model.

Deputy Director-General Łukasz Koliński speaking alongside Thomas Lüth (Voith), Mich Hein (Electrochaea GmbH) and Peter Fischer (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology).

Finally, Deputy Director-General of DG Energy (Directorates B and C) Łukasz Koliński covered the legislative framework for energy storage at the European level. He outlined how current legislations set the basis for the deployment of flexibility solutions by including a common definition of energy storage, encouraging non-discriminatory participation of storage in market, and laying out rules for planning operations.

We were particularly pleased to hear the European Commission reaffirm its commitment to funding research on energy storage technologies, in particular on flow batteries. Mr. Koliński highlighted flow materials as a promising solution to long-term storage thanks to their modularity and scalability. Horizon Europe programme will fund flow batteries rather extensively going forward.

Missed the session? You can watch a recording here.