12 March 2024:

Transitioning toward a carbon-neutral society requires innovative solutions to store renewable energy. Since flow batteries form part of this sustainable pathway, monitoring the technological development of the sector is an important aspect of further integrating flow batteries in the energetic transition. 

FBE Technology Committee has developed the Technology Innovation Survey for flow battery industry stakeholders. The primary objective of this survey is to pinpoint the major challenges faced by the sector. Once enough data is gathered, the FBE Secretariat will compile and publish a report summarising the results. This way, we can identify advocacy priorities for research and innovation funding and emphasise them in future agendas, ultimately contributing to the widespread integration of flow batteries in the energy transition. 

Although it is highly encouraging to observe the increased inclusion of flow batteries across numerous topics in the recently published Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), more research and investment are needed. The survey encompasses a range of questions, delving into topics such as the chemistries used in flow batteries, energy storage times, technological readiness levels, and obstacles to competitiveness. The valuable insights will provide FBE with a strategic direction for advocating and prioritising funding initiatives.

Help us understand which research topics should be prioritised for funding by filling out our Technology Innovation Survey below.