Signing a joint letter, 11 European and national associations*, representing key energy stakeholders across the EU, call on the European legislators to support long-duration energy storage. This will be crucial not only for achieving carbon neutrality, but also to ensure that energy prices remain stable and affordable for all European citizens.

As we move towards a carbon-neutral Europe, more and more renewables must be introduced into the energy system. Due to their variable nature, long-duration energy storage solutions are needed to guarantee energy availability and grid stability.

European legislators should recognise the value of long-duration energy storage for the energy transition and, therefore:

  • Establishamorefavourablelegalframeworkforthelarge-scaledeploymentofenergystoragesolutions across all EU Member States, for instance by considering energy storage as a separate asset class, alongside generation, distribution & transmission, and consumption, or ensuring that no double taxation or grid costs apply to energy stored.
  • Increasefundingopportunitiesforlong-termstoragesolutionsat all stages, endorsing such projects as an important green investment opportunity.

The ambitious carbon neutrality goal is set for 2050, there is no time to lose. Decisive action must therefore be taken to ensure a more favourable environment and incentives for energy storage deployment.

* The eleven signatories of the letter are AEPIBAL, AKU-BATCZ, APSTE, ASEALEN, EASE, ECOS, EnergyIN, European Copper Institute, Flow Batteries Europe, PIME and SBaA.