28 April 2023
The Sustainability Story from Flow Batteries Europe (FBE) has just been released, highlighting the many advantages of this energy storage technology for the resilience of tomorrow’s energy networks. Flow batteries, as described in the paper, are particularly useful for long-duration and large-scale storage applications with their high performance and durability.

Flow batteries are a sustainable energy storage solution essential for the development of renewables and key to providing opportunities for the creation of green jobs in Europe. Additionally, the Sustainability Story describes the abundance of the materials used in flow battery technologies and their recycling opportunities, enabling circular production and usage processes.

This publication comes at a crucial moment for the sector as flow batteries are set to be included in the vital sustainability requirements of the EU Battery Passport. FBE is committed to establishing the central role flow battery technologies play in developing sustainable energy grids.


Flow batteries’ power and capacity can be scaled independently from each other, allowing for an easily customisable battery that is modular and scalable.


The operational life of certain battery models can exceed 20 years and they can recharge throughout this time with almost no loss of power.


Flow batteries benefit from low flammability risks as the key component of their electrolyte is water. They also pose no risk of explosion as they operate at near-atmospheric pressure.


Most flow battery models have low maintenance requirements and only experience minor effects of deep discharge.


Flow batteries’ electrolytes can allow for waste reduction as their electrolytes can be freed in existing recycling streams without additional purification.

Green jobs

The development of flow battery manufacturing will help create quality jobs and redirect employment toward clean production in the energy sector.

To learn more, be sure to read the full publication below.