On 28 April 2021, 16 flow battery stakeholders came together to create Flow Batteries Europe (FBE). The first year of our association was dedicated to getting to know our members’ work and the challenges they face, establishing our structure, and defining our main priorities.

The key advocacy efforts in our first year have been focused on the Batteries Regulation, the major piece of legislation which will govern the sustainability and safety of batteries in the years to come. FBE warned policymakers of the risks that excluding flow batteries from the scope of the key provisions of the Batteries Regulations, such as the Battery Passport and the carbon footprint calculation and declaration, would entail for the achievement of security of energy of supply as well as EU Green Deal goals.

Our active role in advocating for long-duration energy storage granted us recognition from other EU organisations. 10 European and national energy associations co-signed a common letter initiated by FBE on the Fit for 55 package, advocating for more investment and a favourable legal framework for long-duration energy storage.

Thanks to our active membership, FBE is ready to continue its activities to advance the research and development as well as the commercialisation and deployment of flow batteries in Europe. And to take flow batteries to the heart of the EU, on 28-29 June Flow Batteries Europe is hosting the International Flow Batteries Forum conference in Brussels.