11 May 2023

Flow Batteries Europe co-signed an open letter addressed to MEP Nicolás González Casares and Swedish Minister for Energy Ebba Busch, suggesting improvements to the energy sharing framework proposed by the European Commission in the recent Electricity Market Design revision. Together with several other actors from the energy sector, we want to promote progresses toward a decentralised energy network that limits severe price spikes and local congestions through shared renewable energy.

To that end, we support multiple modifications to Article 15a of the Electricity Market Design revision proposal. Our letter notably requests a broader scope of application allowing large companies to engage in energy sharing as active consumers. We also ask for the EU not to limit the use of decentralised energy resources to energy sharing schemes and allow them to participate to any market to stack value. Importantly, we hope the proposal will stimulate flexible consumption of local decentralised energy resources to mitigate congestions.

Be sure to read the full letter below.