Flow Batteries Europe has recently published a position paper on Flow Battery Targets, outlining an ambitious goal of achieving 20 GW and 200 GWh of flow batteries globally by 2030, which is a key step towards meeting the European Green Deal’s renewable energy targets.

The position paper identifes a realistic yet ambitious flow battery target which was agreed in collaboration with Flow Batteries Europe’s members which sends a strong signal to EU policymakers and private actors.

In addition, the paper also highlights how long-duration energy storage (LDES) are vital to guarantee energy security in Europe and identifies flow batteries as an essential solution to mitigate the variable supply of renewables and stabilise electricity grids. It also reiterates the the importance LDES to ensure a stable and continuous supply of energy to communities, cities, and countries over long periods of time.

Given the numerous advantages of flow batteries for LDES applications, we want to encourage the European Commission to acknowledge and endorse our flow battery target to help flow batteries become a European clean tech success story.

Make sure to read the full position paper below on Flow Battery Targets.