Flow Batteries Europe and 11 other business and civil society organisations urge policymakers to reaffirm their commitment to the European Green Deal in their upcoming RePowerEU and ‘Fit for 55’ decisions.

Flow Batteries Europe signed a joint statement with other 11 organisations calling policymakers to reaffirm their commitment to the European Green Deal, in view of the vote on the Fit for 55 package and the publication of the REPowerEU Action Plan.

Measures to effectively deliver the EU’s decarbonisation are identical to those that can stop EU financing of Putin’s war: reducing gas demand gives the EU the chance to liberate itself from geopolitical ties that are holding it back in its transition to a stronger, resilient, and sustainable economy.

The 12 organisations put forward the following recommendations for the EU to build an integrated, resilient and sustainable energy system:

– Establish an Energy Resilience task force, with a specific focus on the efficiency first principle and the‘Fit for 55’accelerated adoption and implementation.

– Diversify to open, not close options in the future.

– Mobilise financial resources for clean alternatives to gas.

– Empower the most vulnerable to participate in the clean energy transition.

– Set out an agenda to scale up flexible resources, such as demand-side flexibility and energy storage, in line with net-zero 2035 power sector objective.

The joint statement is signed by E3G, Global Witness, ECCO, CEE Bankwatch Network, ECOS, Eurima, Schneider Electric, smartEn, Europan Heat Pump Association, EuropeOn, EU ASE, and Flow Batteries Europe.