The Volterion Stack

The Volterion Stack

The Volterion Stack: Through intensive research work demanding a lot of sweat and passion, Volterion has redefined the design and production standards for flow battery stacks, based on an in-house developed bipolar plate and an innovative manufacturing process. Due to a completely new design and manufacturing principle, they no longer need leak-prone seals or heavy and cost-intensive steel endplates for their stacks.

Questions and answers:

What is the application of the battery?

The Battery is primarily used for demonstration and research reasons. It will be used to test different use-cases as grid stabilisation and whole-sale optimization

Why have Flow batteries been used for your application?

The great benefit of flow batteries are their improved economics for long term storage applications. Volterion expect that these applications will become more dominated as the integration of renewables increase.

What’s special about the application?

It’s the first RedOx-Flow pilot for RWE.

  • Technical data:
    • Power: 28kW (to be expanded to 120kW in 2023)
    • Capacity: 98kWh (to be expanded to 420kWh in 2023)
    • Chemistry: Vanadium 1,6M
    • DOD: 100%
    • Energy density Wh/L: 20
    • Temperature range: 0-42 C
    • RTE at 80% rated power: 73%
    • TRL: 9
  • Installation date: June 2021
  • Uptime: 18 months
  • Project name: RWE Demo
  • Location: Volterion has installed this the system at the RWE facilities in Essen.

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About Volterion: Volterion was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. We deliberately chose the Ruhr metropolis for our head office as the ideal symbol for the energy transition. Our development centre in Dortmund, the 2021 European Innovation Capital, fits the associated spirit of optimism. From the very beginning, we have put our creative energy into per-fecting the stack – and thus into the heart of the redox flow battery. Only more recently we started to develop smaller Flow battery systems.

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